Tommaso Bencistà Falorni, class of 1981: Creative Director by professional, Pet Designer by passion.

Motivated by a love for animals, especially dogs, the faithful companions who have been present at every milestone in his life.

A passion for fashion as well as a range of experience working within the industry led Bencistà Falorni to launch Frida Firenze in 2012 in an unconventional manner; as the first ever pet collection presented at Pitti Immagine Uomo. It was also the first to be was signed to a showroom and a sold in a store that is considered an international fashion mecca. Besides this, Frida Firenze is a playful, fun and multi-faceted brand specializing in canine-sized luxury. Luxury interpreted as joie de vivre, ironic hedonism, an attention to the small things in life and True Love for our faithful four legged friends!


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