Luxury Pet accessories

Made in Italy

For us luxury means cuddle our pets through fine materials and high quality finishing, in order to ensure them all the comfort. We use the finest leathers, from the most prestigious Tuscan factories, handcrafted in our workshops. The collars, lined in nubuck leather, are gentle to wear and will withstand unexpected walks and runs while still looking totally chic!

The hook closures on the leashes, inspired by the finishing on high fashion leather goods, are created ad hoc using steel fixtures. The exclusive gold colored chains in pure brass metal, the finishing and metal elements are all galvanized in gold, staying true to the details found in a jewelery.

Pamper our animals with quality materials and finishes

Luxury means first of all pampering our pets with quality materials and finishes, to guarantee all the comfort, resistance and safety that a real dog's life requires!

We use only the best leathers, coming from the most prestigious Tuscan leather districts, handcrafted in our laboratories. The collars, lined in nubuck, are a caress to wear: resistant to sudden runs and absolutely chic!